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Re: Movies Seen in 2011

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Did you actually watch the movie?
Much more closely than you did. The response of the crowd to the stutter displayed contempt for the speech, either directly or in assuming the prince was humiliated in public. The sadness over the fate of "Cousin Wilhelm" makes German princeling not a stretch.

The notion that modern audiences should share the adoration of monarchy is stupid. The bland assumption that we shouldn't even notice the obsequiousness of the characters toward the monarchy borders on the offensive. One of the most pressing questions about this movie is why does any of this matter to anyone except the man and his family? This question is not even addressed.

The real crux is the gullibility in assuming that the King's speech made any difference in public support for the war. Publics always support wars in the beginning, just because authority says they are in some fashion self defense. Worse, there was no morally principled opposition to Hitler on the part of the English government! Not when Hitler took over, not when Hitler intervened in Spain, not when Hitler took over Austria, not when Hitler carved up Czechoslovakia, and damn little when Hitler threatened Poland. The fucking English literally sent their diplomats on a slow boat to conduct negotiations with the USSR to present a united front. The English were so in sync with Hitler's antiCommunism that they were just about as tempted to go to war with the USSR over Finland, even though the Finnish dictator Mannerheim was another asshole buddy of Hitler.

No, the movie's revisionist take on the importance of the essence of Englishness being foes of Hitler is just drivel.
The people of this country need regime change here, not abroad.
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