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Re: stalkin' my peeps - Welcome New Members thread!

Hey everyone! I have been a fan of the Trek Movies since I can remember -- plus TNG was my favorite Series (although I can't deny the original). To keep with the thread title, shout-out to my peeps on the BBS! You know who you are...

I look forward to exploring how Starfleet society, the Prime Directive, and exploration of the unknown can translate to current events (BTW, R.I.P. STS).

Google my Username to find out my primary interests (but, with a Honda skew). I'm a Mod at a popluar Website of that genre, but I plan to keep it casual around here -- with more fun and comaradarie to take a break from real Scientific Testing.

Thanks for the opportunity to become a member of your community...

Best Regards,
WarpStealth "W-S"
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