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The Federation, a symbol of peace and cooperation in the Alpha Quadrant. For years, this organization had been the pride of humanity.

By the middle of 2392, that organization found itself surrounded by conflict and darkness, a feeling that could only be compared to the Dominion War two decades prior. The border conflict with the Litvokians had drawn out into a long struggle, one that was leaving the Federation's expansion in the Beta Quadrant hindered. War was becoming routine, and the longer it drew out, the more resources were spent on it.

The Klingon Empire, the Federation's closest ally, now finds itself limited in its ability to assist them. A new civil war could break out very quickly, which would leave the empire in turmoil and chaos, as well as possibly threatening their neighbors.

The Romulans have again gone into seclusion, the likes of which have not been seen in decades. Even Starfleet Intelligence is unsure as to why they have closed off contact with many of their former diplomatic contacts.

The Federation is finding that the entire mood and feel of the quadrant is one of darkness. Keeping the peace seems much more difficult in these times. But as the shadows loom on the horizon for the entire quadrant, one cannot help but wonder if all of this is just part of some larger scheme...


The USS Providence B is the third ship to bear the historical name. The first, a Nova-Class, was destroyed after crashing into the ocean of an uncharted planet in the Beta Quadrant. The second, an Excelsior-refit class, Lakota variant, was destroyed hundreds of years ago, defending a world from an invader that threatened both their past and their future.

With a new Galaxy-class vessel, the USS Providence and crew are continuing their mission to seek out new life and further understand the wonders of the Beta Quadrant. As they continue to explore the frontiers, they encounter both dangerous species and friendly allies. The diversity of the galaxy is made even clearer as the Providence explores the Beta quadrant.

Unfortunately, the Beta quadrant is a dangerous place. The Litvokians, a feline race, have declared war on the Federation. Though they are limited in terms of ships and speed, they still pose a threat to Federation interests in the Beta quadrant.


Join this AIM/AOL chat sim game Thursday nights at 8:00 PM US Eastern time in the "USS Providence" chat room. For more information or to join, contact the primary GM, FSF Josh ( or visit their website at .
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