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Re: Movies Seen in 2011

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The King's Speech suffered enormously by a continual surprise that 1.) people in their right minds gave a shit about what some German princeling thought
George was born and raised in Britain, to parents born and raised in Britain, to a grandmother born and raised in Britain by a father born and raised in Britain by a father born raised in Britain by a father born and raised in Britain. "German" is a bit of a stretch, no?

In any event, people very much did care what he thought, so how is that a flaw in the film?
2.) people never heard anyone stutter without feeling the utmost contempt
and 3.) victory in WWII depended upon a smooth speech by the King instead of the Soviets. This was puffed up enough to be a balloon in Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade. On a personal level, Edward VIII was far and away the man you'd most like to party with. (Especially if he brings Wallis.) And on a political level, when George VI actually utters the phrase "divine right" you're not really any better than Edward.
At no point was there the implication that his speech was crucial. It was his personal struggle to perform his duty, and that duty did indeed matter, even if it wasn't make-or-break.

George believed in divine right, like every royal of his generation (as does his daughter, by most accounts, though not her children and grandchildren). So what? And I would think that being much more responsible makes him better than Edward.
Hollywood may despise stutterers because perfectly smooth speech is just the only thing, but the general notion that stutterers are just cowardly losers (Reginald Barclay Syndrome,) is a little example of the real hidebound conservatism in Hollywood.

Did you actually watch the movie?
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