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Re: Does It Get Better???

By the way, it is very vague precisely how those ships recreate the entry point, when the entry took place in the Delta Quadrant. Which just points out once again that the Voyager producers thought all that stuff was just so much technobabble. Our Tom, their Tom, universes destroyed or characters switch, it's all blah blah blah, and throwing around all those absurd objections over something that doesn't make any sense is pure fanboyism.

I personally find that attitude does a lot of damage to practically all TV and movie SF. The moronic notion that there's no difference between SF and fantasy exists to justify slovenly writing in plot and setting. And also limits the real world relevance of SF because real scientific speculation is usually more relevant.

Anyhow, the point of this story is not that Harry is dutiful and wants to come home. The point of this story is that the old, useless loser Tom is dead because Tom has nobly come to the rescue, at great personal cost. It's a character driven story, not a plot driven story. And it is of course the official creed that everyone likes characterd driven stories as opposed to those crappy plot driven stories.

Incidentally, keeping the real protagonist offstage was done other times in Voyager. In this context, the most notable was Alter Ego, which begins with Harry having a problem and ends with Harry's solving his problem by learning something. In what is nonetheless a Tuvok episode.
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