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Computer voice for Trek XII - With Majel gone, now what?

I thought I'd make a new thread now that Trek XII is underway in preproduction.
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I wonder if there are enough recording samples of Majel Barret as the computer that they could use a computer to sample her voice.

For CBS Television to build a library of computer voice words is is major project. It is not impossible but it takes time. If they start on it now they will have a very usuable voice library of samples for Star Trek XII.
We're talking thousands of hours of computer voice session recordings.

If all of Majel Barret's recordings for TNG, VOY, ENT were done on digital audio tape (DAT) then surely they could sample them all and use a voice-to-text speech recognition program to create full transcripts from which to create the database from.
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Even the Star Trek XI digital file recordings done (at her home) in the last year [2009] could be used in this library. I bring up the digital medium the voice would have been recorded on as there is no background tape hiss and with digital it sounds the same 5, 10, 15, 20 years later as the day it was recorded as long as the tape can play back.
I'm talking about loading in the entire recording session tapes including all outtakes and alternate reads not just for the TNG, VOY, ENT series but also the Trek feature films. Surely Paramount has access to those tapes although they would have a lot less material if they only stuck with the feature film Voiceover sessions.

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