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I did notice the therapist was in the background watching Deb & Dex when they were with the EMT after the gas attack.
I didn't see that! Interesting.

There is some real weirdness in the Deb feelings for Dex department. The real weirdness for me stems from very little foreshadowing of that in the season(s) before. It kind of dropped like a bomb out of nowhere. So I'm in the belief that it only exists to
a) stress Deb out more
b) intensify the feelings when she finds out Dex is a serial killer

Anyway, I enjoyed this season but they really have to shake [the series] up and fast. Deb should walk in on Dex killing Tom Hanks Jr during the finale and if that doesn't happen, it should happen immediately next season.

We were teased about this in last year's finale and it was kind of a cop out not to go through with it. But I guess they played with the idea of a "single Dexter" as opposed to one with a girly-girlfriend nearly all the time.

PS. Quinn and Angel and their antics had me roaring all season... which I assume will end up with Deb happily demoted and Angel taking her place once the dust settles from the thing with Capt. Shitface.
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