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Re: Movies Seen in 2011

100. The Lion King - B. Haven't seen this movie since the 90s. Stunning Blu-ray transfer. These old Disney films really look great in high def, there's no denying that. This movie falls about in the middle of the pack of Disney films with me, in that it tells the same story that the majority of their films tell, and the musical numbers are memorable but not particularly special.

101. Alice (Svankmajer, rewatch) - B-. Svankmajer's twistedly literal re-interpretation of the Alice in Wonderland story, now on Blu-ray. Plays like a bad acid trip. It's a little boring, honestly, but has some of his best animation segments in it. I think the premise is a little too thin for the film's running time.

102. X-Men (rewatch) - B-. Pretty good, but I can't help but think of the much better X-2 when I watch this movie. Toad and Sabretooth are kind of pointless villains.

103. Lost in Translation (rewatch) - B. This film is most notable for it's gorgeous cinematography. It's just a beautiful film.

104. Malibu Express - D. Cheesy 80s boob-and-gun movie. I'm just padding my review count here. >_>
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