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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Deep Space Nine

I agree - the Jake part of the episode is easliy the most interesting. I was happy that he didn't want to grow up to be Wesley Crusher, though we wouldn't know at the time how limited his role would end up becoming on the show. It's a very solid character choice though, and even though Jake doesn't have a huge role to play in later seasons, he still appears in some of the best shows of the series.

The rest of the episode, for me, is average, which is a shame. What I want to know is did ENT intentionally lift this story, knowing they were going to have Auberjonois as a guest, or was it just it all a big honking conincidence? IIRC, that episode (Oasis?) also ended up being average. I rest my case.

Also, I've tried racking my brain trying to work out what happened in Paradise. I've read your review, and I've read Jammer's summary, and I still can't remember.

But at least Elite Force 2 was cleared up for me.
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