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Re: Why do people keep saying Voyager weakened the Borg?

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only idiots would say voyager weakened the Borg.they probably dident even watch the show.voyager was always running away from the Borg or getting its butt kicked wake up retards u just hate voy for no reasons at all.
Um, VOY did weaken the Borg. Intrepid class Federation starship versus Borg tactical cube. Assimilation in 35.7 seconds tops.
Guess I'm an idiot.

Seriously though, don't be calling people idiots or retards. Thanks.
We saw a single Galaxy Class last in battle against an Assimilation Cube (which is much stronger) without taking any noticeable damage. Why can't an Intrepid do something similar?
Um, which time?

In their first encounter, the Borg played possum, and once they actually started to fight, their chief weapons were designed to drain Enterprises batteries so it would be run aground soon enough and the Borg could dissect their technology at leisure.

Or are you talking about Best of Both Worlds where the Borg ignored almost everything distracting and inconsequential so that they could assimilate Earth with a decapitating strike?

The Borg care about civilizations, not individuals.
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