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Re: DC's New 52: Reviews and Discussion (Spoilers welcolme and likely)

I wasn't reading anything monthly beforehand, but was trade-waiting some of it. Batman and Robin isn't as good, I think. JLI is light-years worse than Generation Lost. All-Star Western will have to stand the test of time: much of what I like about it might be the gimmick of Gotham, whereas the best of the Jonah Hex run will still read well in ten years. Justice League Dark and Demon Knights are both great, but so different from Madame Xanadu that you can't even compare them. If Suicide Squad or Red Hood and the Outlaws was meant to replace Secret Six, it's an unfair trade (even though I like RHO). Nothing has replaced Birds of Prey adequately.

Justice League is odd, because I think we can't really judge the last two or three JLA runs the same way we can judge this one: Geoff Johns getting to write what he wants is very different from several writers forced to write either what Geoff Johns wants or to write around whatever Geoff Johns is doing. I think the last "heirs apparent" JLA might have been fantastic, given time and space to breathe.
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