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Re: Your latest purchases, cont.

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I'm sure it will. Just be aware that when clothes first come out of a condenser drier, they'll still be a fraction damp to the touch and need airing for a few minutes or so to dry out fully, esp. if you set the drier setting to anything short of "super-fluffy" or whatever the extreme dry setting is called on your machine. It's just how the technology works.
Thanks for the heads up! It got here this morning, it's been tested and it works very well.
I'd even say that taking them out slightly damp makes for less wrinkled clothes than ultra-dry. Glad it's working out!
Yep, agreed. Shirts go to "iron-dry" level as they really are easier to iron when fractionally damp; everything else to "airing cupboard" level. I never use the "super-fluffy" extreme setting, even for towels.

Haven't bought anything for several days; not willing to brave the shops on one of the busiest weekends of the year!
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