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Re: Does It Get Better???

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So, you agree that Harry has no problem deciding to return

nor does he really have a problem returning (thanks to Cosimo,)
No. Cosimo hands Harry the techno-babble about the "temporal inversion fold of the space-time matrix," but it isn't as easy as Harry tapping his Ruby Slippers together for him to get home. He still has to convince both Libby and Paris to help him, and steal the Yellowstone to get there.

Why do you then persist in assuming that the story is really about Harry? Because the episode didn't follow convention in showing us the hero in the first shot?
Checking the last time we debated this, Paris doesn't show up until 21 minutes have elapsed. After that, he's relegated to being off-screen more than half the remaining time (He's in half of act three, the last minute of act four, and in act five until he dies). If he's the protagonist, keeping him off screen for 70% of the running time is simply clumsy writing. The fact that his crucial decision to change his mind and help Harry is relegated to happening off screen should clue us in to his role in the script -- to help Harry out when he's in a jam.
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