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Re: TNG fans please identify yourselves ...

This is going to sound traitor-ish but if you couldn't tell from my name I'm a really big TOS person. I watched TNG at 10:00 at night after "fringe" (which I didn't watch) and when it discontinued I didn't watch it any more. And there have been some episodes I've never wanted to see I cant remember the names of the episodes though. they usually dealed with sexuality though. But I always liked it when Q would show up those were my favorite episodes. I realy liked the episode where Q beacme mortal that in my opinion was the best episode ever. I've never seen TNG movies though. But once more I'm a traitor and grewatly prefer TOS over any of the other series (mostly VOY,DS9,and ENT). And I really like TOS movies. But I also really liked some of the TNG episodes.(I'm fighting to keep my self afloat here and I'm drowning on this argument). But as Wayne from Wanye's World said: Ah yes, it's a lot like "Star Trek The Next Generation". In many ways it's supeiror but will never be as recoginzed as the original.
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