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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

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It doesn't sound like they will be putting the Jem'Hadar ship in the C-Store at all.
You bet they will, but not before people have spent enough c-points on gift boxes that have a very rare chance to contain the ship.
Each box 100 points
no, they won't - a BIG part of PWEs success with their other F2P games (including the Western versions) is the cheap cost (for one) of the 'grab bag' with an item they KNOW players want with a miniscule chance of getting it awarded via said 'grab bag'; and further know a small obsessive portion of said playerbase will spend QA LOT to finally get it.

Thus, those grab bag items will NEVER appear directly for sale on the MT store; they'll just rotate in various 'grab bag' offeres that appear near some majoor holiday (or event) once per profit report quarter.

And it obviously works (which is the same reason you see the 'Hi I'm a Nigerian Prince...." e-mail scams as the reason they bstill exist is there are indeed enough clueless people who respond thinking it's a real offer."

The 'Grab Bag' ISN'T a scam per se; but I guess PWE (and othger companies) have found there are enough obbsessive/compulsives out there willing to spend outrageous sums for certain items.
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