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I like the new guy so far, who has been portrayed as confident, but able to make mistakes (i.e. thinking Deb wasn't his new Lieutenant).
Yeah the new detective just got there, and already seems like the most competent one on the force.... which means he will probably be killed in the next episode. lol

The voice over is still horrible (half the time it's Dexter being Captain Obvious for the sake of really, really stupid viewers) and Harry only makes it worse, since he takes over what would otherwise be important voice over, forcing the writers to use Dexter's narration to impart far less essential (or obvious) information.
I thought the voiceovers started out interesting this season, and I got a huge kick out of hearing Dexter's perspective on religion ("Maybe it sounds crazy because it is").

But yeah, by this point it does seem to have turned into a lot of restating the obvious.
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