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And now that I think about it, Harvesters were in the first Elite Force, my bad. What the hell did happen in the second one?
I seem to remember the final mission involved a Romulan in a lava-filled cave firing rocked at you from the head of a robotic snake thing. I have no idea how I got there or why.

Paradise (***)

This is a strong episode with a stupid ending. I deplore Alixus, her philosophy and her methodology. Her idea that technology somehow makes us lose our "core identities" is absurd. She judges people by their profession, which is made very clear at the end of the episode when she points out that the colonists would just have been clerks or technicians, but on this planet they are so much more because they're farmers and tool-makers and whatnot. Bullplop! I believe that a person's core identity isn't their profession, but their interests, their values... their personality. Sure, there are problems associated with technology and how we incorporate it into our lives, but it also aides in liberating us and allowing us to discover more about our true selves. Alixus doesn't even seem to believe in the concept of free time to allow people to explore their interests as she chastises O'Brien for trying to use technology to overcome the magical anti-tech field when he could have been doing something more productive.

All that being said, I admire the episode for showing her point of view and for not painting her as an out-and-out villain, even though I think she's a loon that must be opposed. How the survivors bought into her crazy philosophy after the crash I will never understand, but plenty of seemingly sane people buy into all kinds of crazy cults here on Earth, so it's not all that unbelievable. What is unbelievable is the notion that none of the colonists want to leave after the truth is revealed. Yes, they have a life on the planet and I can understand wanting to stay and continuing their work, but surely some of these people have family or friends in the Federation that they'd like to see and hear from again.

But what makes this episode memorable is Sisko. This episode focuses more on him, his personality and his convictions than any episode since Emissary, and it's a way, way better episode for him than Second Sight. I watched this episode as a child with barely any understanding what was going on, but that scene where Sisko stumbled back into the box stood out and remained in my memory even even as the rest of the episode faded away and was forgotten. It's a powerful moment, one that commands attention, and one that gives us a better idea of the Sisko that will emerge in later seasons.
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