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Re: The Dark Knight Rises Anticipation Station

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This message board forcing you to essentially steal content to host it on your own webspace is nothing new. Which is funny, because inline linking does not violate copyright law, rehosting does.
The rule has nothing to do with copyright, it's about not leeching another site's bandwidth.
And I tell you it has a lot to do with copyright. When you ask people to instead rehost images you are asking them to infringe copyrights.
Games? Must we?

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If he hadn't rehosted the image, it wouldn't have shown up. That's not because of the messageboard, that's because of the server where the image is hosted.

The board forces you to do nothing, they ask you not to hotlink. They do not force you to post the picture.
Indeed. A simpler concept to understand is yet to be had.

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I like Batman.

(Sorry... trying to get the thread back on topic).
Also, this.
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