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Re: The Improving the JJprise thread

Lord Garth, FOI wrote: View Post
The official size of the ship from the production team was originally supposed to be 1200 meters. All the space shot effects were shot to that scale, while the ground shots were shot at a smaller scale. They decided on 760something meters which does not jibe with the size of the bridge nor the size of the hanger deck. Both of which clearly show the 1200 meter size scale.

Besides Kirk should always have a bigger meaner ship than Captain Tea sipper

The Castellan wrote: View Post
I'd slim those engines. Also, I don't buy that 1,200 meter length. Hell, what would explain that huge of a size increase?

Also, lose the tail fins.

Ehhh, felt the ship should not be "meaner", and what's wrong with a tea sipper? I like tea sippers. At this rate, Picard's ship in this universe is going to be the size of Vader's ship.

Plus I've always felt Jar Jar sorta pulled the size of the ship out of his ass, since he and the production team can't seem to agree on anything, so they figured it will sound 'kewl' if it's a big honking vessel.
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