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Re: Enterprise: The Romulan War: To Brave the Storm review thread

Well, got a bit sidetracked but just finished it - enjoyed it too. Could have been a bit longer and more detailed in places but that wasn't the authors decision.

I have a few questions though (I think we are safely past the 'Spoiler' period) :

How did Starfleet 'win' when it was just the Romulan Earth invasion fleet that was routed. We didn't 'beat' Nazi Germany at the end of The Battle Of Britain...

Why did Trip stay 'dead' (surely his friends and family knew) ? Was it to protect the deep cover Vulcan spy who presumably survived too.

Was she a Vulcan agent ? Why would she refuse to shoot Trip but then toss a bomb into his escape pod, and how did they both survive ?

In the 25 years later epilogue only Archer, Trip, T'Pol and Hoshi are mentioned as 'surviving' at that point. Does that mean the others are deceased ?

I'd assume Phlox had returned home and Malcolm would be Chief of Staff to President Archer. Travis must have crashed one too many spaceships...

With the Enterprise NX being decommissioned and next years calendar showing it being rebuilt with a new secondary hull, will it be recommissioned ?

We need answers - i.e. another novel...
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