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Re: New blurbs for Raise the Dawn, Fallen Gods, and The Eternal Tide

Shon T'Hara wrote: View Post
And the V'ger summary sounds too much like a logistical report.
It doesn't give too much story away, but even the logistics of Voyager's new mission excite me; I'm very curious to see what the entire Full Circle fleet gets up to - I suppose Voyager is now a bit like the later seasons of Stargate Atlantis - They're connected with the Alpha Quadrant, but still very much on their own, in a very exotic area of space.

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DGCatAniSiri wrote: View Post
Though am I forgetting something? What are the specifics of the 'disastrous events' in the Bajoran system?
The untold Ascendants' storyline's conclusion?
And/or maybe something that happened in the preceding half of the duology?
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