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Re: New blurbs for Raise the Dawn, Fallen Gods, and The Eternal Tide

It sounds to me as if Raise the Dawn is a continuation/follow-up to Rough Beasts of Empire.

If it is in fact a continuation of RBoE, I am going to be really interested in seeing how its present-day events tie in with the rest of the Typhon Pact novels, since, chronologically, RBoE is the first of the Typhon Pact sub-series.

I'll also be interested in seeing what, if anything, it does to expand our knowledge about the current status of DS9 in the post-Destiny timeline, given that it features Ro (who, as per Zero Sum Game [which, chronologically, takes place after RBoE and would therefore take place after RtD as well if RtD is in fact a continuation of RBoE], is the current commanding officer of DS9).

The reference to the 'disastrous events in the Bajor system' sounds to me like a reference to something that Sisko touches on briefly in RBoE, and, if it is, we might actually be getting a glimpse into the missing 5-year period of time that passes between the events of The Soul Key and the events of RBoE (most likely from both Sisko and Ro's perspective).
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