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A nitpick, though. Non Sequitur ends with Tom Paris, even the supposedly evil version in the alternate world, nobly sacrificing his life. Therefore it's a Paris episode. It just seems like a Kim episode because Wang is so much livelier than McNiell (yikes, I've forgotten the spelling?)
He's not evil in "Non Sequitur" -- just a loser. But the episode shows that with people like Harry around, Paris is ultimately a heroic person (even self-sacrificing).

Of course, we've argued about whether or not its a Paris episode before. By your reasoning, Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan is a Spock movie, and Star Trek: Nemesis is all about Data. That's just silly. Harry's the one in every scene of "Non Sequitur," not Tom. And Harry's the one with the goal -- getting back to his reality -- that he sets out with during the first scene and achieves in the last. Alternate Tom's a plot device, although one that gives us a little insight into the character of Tom Paris (as well as Harry, since the episode is ultimately saying that Tom would have stayed a loser without meeting him).
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