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Re: New blurbs for Raise the Dawn, Fallen Gods, and The Eternal Tide

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I'm not too pleased with the idea of the Pact going for galactic domination. I hope the blurb's wrong and things head more towards a Cold War type situation.
To be fair, apart from being an "exciting" word that generates interest, "control" doesn't have to mean the Pact is trying to invade or anything. It probably means domination of trade, control over the galactic economy, a policy of "if you want to be active in the interstellar community you need to come through us". They want to be the ones pulling the strings, rather than the UFP being the superpower. So I'd say it is like the Cold War - it's about which ideological and political group is the model for the rest of the galaxy and who gets to "control" the direction local space takes next, not who holds which territory.

Of course, it doesn't mean some of the more agitated groups aren't yelling about lobbing explody things at each other, hence I suppose the "standing on the brink of war" line. Still, I'm assuming Bacco and Kamemor will keep things together
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