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Re: THE THING (2011): Discussion, Spoilers, Reviews

Ok, finally saw this, and man, it was even more dull and lifeless than I was expecting.

The '82 version was creepy and atmospheric as hell from the opening seconds, but this one just felt completely artificial all the way through. You've got the typical cute heroine (in some very un-1980s jeans, btw), the typical horror movie score that oversells every moment, and a lot of modern, show-offy CGI that is well-designed but never remotely believable.

Where was the sense of isolation? Or paranoia? The movie makes a half-hearted attempt at the "who's really human" thing, and then quickly turns into people simply chasing monsters around with a flame thrower. The only moment that felt remotely inspired or had any tension whatsoever was the Tooth Fillings scene, but that was about it.

Overall, it just felt like a really safe and watered down version of the '82 movie. When we saw the burnt out camp in that movie (and the frozen guy with the slit throat), you imagined something MUCH darker and creepier going down there than what this movie showed us.
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