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Re: Does It Get Better???

Wow, I thought Non Sequitur and Twisted were pretty bad. They're pretty badly reviewed across the board, I'm surprised you liked them.
Twisted felt boring and pointless to me, another "spatial anomaly" episode. As for "Non Sequitur", ugh, it felt like "parallel universe by numbers" to me. Nothing was particularly well done or acted, and it always annoyed me how Tom Paris used a "site to site transporter" - because if something so convenient and useful actually existed then why weren't they being used all the time?

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That was the point of Voyager, too bring in an audience that found previous Trek to cerebral. The biggest complaint among non-Trek fans is that's it too talky and boring...Wasn't Trek meant to seen by the mass audience and not just the limited Trek fanbase?
I wouldn't call the trek fanbase "limited", TNG was pulling in 20 million viewers per episode in season 7....on the other hand, Trek haemmoraged viewers after that. And in a way, the whole making voyager completely episodic strategy did work in a way. I think it does better in Syndication and in foreign markets for that reason
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