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The Improving the JJprise thread

Since the new film is coming to production thought it might be fun to rehash an old topic a bunch of us tossed around over at Trekweb when the Galactaprise was first unveiled

A few of us took it upon ourselves to make some improvements (or what we thought were improvements) to the percieved asthetic design flaws such as the skinny secondary hull, conecting dorsal set too far back (pushing the secondary too far forward under the saucer), Blue naccles, ect. Besides since nearly 5 years will have have passed since the first film it's time to think about a refit

So lets have some fun and see what you have and here your comments. Considering I am in the new E measuring 1200 meters camp thanks to King Daniel, I based my designs on that approx length

here are a few of mine.

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