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Voyager: An Alternate Journey 01: Time of Mystery

Star Trek: Voyager
An Alternate Journey: Time of Mystery
10 July 2374
Deep Space; in a region of the Delta Quadrant

The USS Voyager NCC 74656 was travelling at Warp 7, on a course towards the distant Federation.

In Astrometrics, former Borg drone, Seven of Nine, was scanning the region of space that Voyager was travelling through. A sensor alert flashed up on the main screen. She brought up the information on the phenomenon that the sensor computers had downloaded into the Astrometrics computers. What she found interested her. ‘Intriguing,’ she thought. It was definitely something she needed to bring to the Captain’s attention.

Astrometrics to the Bridge,” Seven reported.

“Report,” Captain Kathryn Janeway said from the command chair.

Astrometrics sensors have detected what appears to be a wormhole 1.56 light years away,” Seven said.

That piqued Janeway’s interest. “I’ll be right there. Mr. Paris, set course for the phenomenon,” she ordered.

“Aye, Captain,” Lieutenant Tom Paris said. He input the course changes. “Course laid in, Captain.”

“Engage,” Captain Janeway said.

Tom pressed the engage ‘button’ and the ship changed direction. “We’re on our way,” he said.

The captain stood up. “You have the bridge, Chakotay,” she said as she headed towards the turbolift.

“Confirmed,” Chakotay said.

Less than five minutes later, Captain Janeway entered Astrometrics. “What do the sensors say, Seven?” she asked.

Seven was examining the data on the main screen. “It is certainly a wormhole, but I haven’t been able to determine whether it leads to any region of the Alpha Quadrant proximate to Federation space,” she said.

“Keep up the scans, Seven,” Janeway said. She hoped that the wormhole did lead to Federation space, or at least bringVoyager a lot closer to home.

“Yes, Captain,” Seven said.

Janeway tapped her commbadge. “Janeway to Bridge.”

Bridge here,” Chakotay said.

“Increase speed to Warp 9.2. We need to get to the wormhole so we can determine whether it leads to the Alpha Quadrant.

Affirmative,” Chakotay said.

Voyager increased its speed and sped on towards the suspected wormhole.

Fifteen minutes later Jenny Delaney and her sister, Megan, entered the Mess Hall.

“You seem happy today,” said Voyager’s Morale Officer and Chef, Neelix.

“Seven has discovered a wormhole. We’re on our way there,” Jenny said.

“That’s good news,” Neelix said.

Both twins smiled.

“But don’t spread it too much. we don’t want to raise false hopes, do we?” Neelix asked.

“Maybe,” Jenny said.

Fifteen minutes later. “Is it true that we approaching a wormhole?” Crewperson Billy Telfer asked.

“Apparently we are, according to the Delaney sisters,” Neelix said, as he paused in his preparation of a Leola Root Stew.

“So, we may finally be going home?” Billy asked.

“Now, don’t jump to conclusions, we don’t want to raise false hopes, do we?” Neelix asked.

Telfer thought for a moment. “Of course not,” he said.

“We will just have to wait and see,” Neelix said.

“Certainly,” Billy said.

Half an hour later, Voyager dropped out of warp near the wormhole.

“Report,” Janeway said.

“Scanning, Captain,” Harry Kim said. “It is collapsing!” he said with annoyance.

“How large is it?”Janeway said.

“A radius of 40 metres, Captain.” What he didn’t say was that whilst it was too small for Voyager, it was still large enough for their shuttlecraft, and Neelix’s ship. “I’m also detecting a small vessel proximate to the entrance,” Kim said.

“Interesting,” Janeway said.

Astrometrics to the Bridge,” Seven said.

“Report, Seven.”

It certainly is a wormhole, Captain. However, I am unable to determine the status of the other end,” Seven said.

“The rate of collapse is accelerating, Captain!” Kim said.

Then the wormhole collapsed.

“The wormhole has collapsed, Captain,” Harry Kim said, disappointment showing in his voice.

“Maybe that vessel can tell us something about it. Run a scan on it, Harry,” Janeway said.

“Aye, Captain,” Harry said. The scan results came back moments later. “There are two human life signs. They are unconscious. The ship itself has no warp engines, or any other recognisable FTL technology.”

“Then the wormhole must have opened in a system,” Paris said.

“Not necessarily,” Chakotay said.

“Beam the two humans to sickbay and tractor the vessel into our shuttlebay,” Janeway said.

“Aye, Captain,” Kim said.

Janeway walked over to the turbolift. “Sickbay,” she said.

The Emergency Medical Hologram, otherwise known as 'the Doctor,' was scanning the two humans as Janeway entered Sickbay.

“Report, Doctor,” Janeway said.

“They are both healthy, although the level of pollutants in their systems suggest that they're both from the end of the 20th century.”

“Fascinating,” Janeway said. She wondered how two humans from the 20th century could gained a hold of the ship that was now in Voyager’s shuttlebay.

“They are simply asleep,” the Doctor said.

“Can you wake them?” Janeway asked.

“Certainly,” the Doctor said. He then used a hypospray to inject a stimulant into the sleeping patients.

They began to stir.

“Where am I?” the male asked as he stretched after waking. He saw his companion. “I mean, where are we?”

“You’re on the Federation Starship Voyager,” Janeway said.

The male patient looked confused.

The female was now fully awake. “Could you tell us more about our situation than just about this ‘Starship’?” the female asked, with cynicism in her voice.

“That’s a good point,’ the Doctor said acerbically.

“I'm Captain Kathryn Janeway. We found you in a ship after we detected a wormhole.”

“And?” the male prompted.

“We were looking for a wormhole because this ship is trapped on the other side of the galaxy 60 thousand light years and many decades travel time away from our homes,” Janeway said.

“The Federation?” the female asked.

“The year is 2374, the Federation is a large interstellar polity that includes Earth,” Janeway said.

The male turned to his companion. “Something must have gone wrong with the wormhole after we entered it.”

“You think! We have ended up hundreds of years into the future, and thousands of light years away from our target!” the female said.

“Something has definitely gone wrong with the wormhole!” the male said.

“May I ask what two young adults from late 20th Century Earth doing with a ship that is centuries beyond the level of technology of that time?” Janeway asked.

“You have the ship. You can check the database. You will soon find out about how we came upon the ship!” the female said forcefully.

“Kathleen! You don’t have to be so rude to the Captain! However, it is a long story, so we will elaborate after you have checked the ship’s database,” the male said.

“We will check the ship’s database, but we still don’t know your names,” Janeway said.

“Daniel Howarth.”

“Kathleen Collins.”

“For 2 people from the turn of the millennium, you have a remarkably clean bill of health, despite some allergies. You can leave sickbay once the Captain gives you permission,” the Doctor said.

“You can help us with locating the database aboard the ship, Mr. Howarth and Ms. Collin’s,” Janeway said.

“Certainly, Captain,” Daniel said. Kathleen reluctantly agreed with her friend.
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