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Re: Some science fiction "firsts"

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You know Rama, I really think the singularity is an altered reality. So Vger gaining sentience altered reality and might need to be reexplored again. An alternate reality would seem no different than the one we are in now except that the future may be different especially for the machine - or possible machine man interface like 'Demon Seed'. There's another thread going on in the movie section about Kirk and company never making it out of Vger or at least in the same reality but rather in a virtual simulated reality where he is just a memory or something. Go read it.
There are a couple of interesting directions you can go in with was originally Hans Marovec who suggested that in a machine/AI takeover, human beings may not know they are in an altered reality, because the machines will not be belligerent towards us, they will want to keep replicas of us around for historical posterity, even though they have supplanted our biological evolution.

Both Kurzweil and Vinge suggest that when we hit the singularity only those who are not evolved/adapted enough will know it has happened, because the human/AIs will have followed the curve! The others will be left behind.

The Matrix is of course a chief example of AIs recreating man for purposes of their own, in this case, most of the machine AI (but not all) are indifferent to the humans. The human beings don't know about their reality unless they are released from their virtual life.

It's interesting...if events in STTMP are a Matrix-like virtual reality, where the evolved human/V'Ger hybrid has re-created everything after an instant of exploring well...everything, then it has fulfilled the dream of a programmable universe. However, while you can specualte this is the case, there really is no evidence in the movie. Anyway this is another reason to like STTMP.
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