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Re: Re-booting TNG For TV?

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I recently had the opportunity to look back at some of the early design concepts of TNG's Enterprise interior and bridge, and I got the sense the creators in '87 wanted the ship to be twice as large, less militaristic, much more "casual" in the sense that this was To be a ship with a mission of deep space exploration that would take its crew and families years away from earth. Those artist conceptions looked absolutely impossible to create back then. Perhaps they would serve now, however, as a starting point for a 25th Century Star Trek television show.
An old post, and perhaps others have made this point better...

TNG was really a product of it's time. USA and the USSR were making peace, the economy was strong, oil was cheap, and one could envision a future where the "Space UN" flys around in a hotel filled with children, and the captain was an distinguished older diplomat that could wait 30 seconds to say "shields up" when Romulans appeared.

Would this type of show resonate with the modern audience at all? Efforts to overlay terrorism and war themes onto TNG-era Trek were hamhanded, the antiseptic and verbose nature of the show never quite meshed with the chaos and grit going on around it. (Abrams made it work, but that was a pure action movie with shakycam, miniskirts, and combat boots.)

If they were to attempt such a thing, Riker would become a much larger character, as would Worf; while Crusher, Wesley, and Jordi would be much lesser roles. Also the aesthetics and dialog would be complete different. Now ask yourself if that's what you really want.
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