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Re: Ongoing Community Discussion Thread

Yeah....I love this show but, the last few weeks have just been really dull, stupid, and nearly everyone has been acting out of character at some point.

Britta's phone gag in the Foozball ep was just pathetic. We've seen her use a regular modern-ish phone a million times before, and although this show does crazy stuff, it was always "grounded" in a reality. Yes, Paintball was grounded compared to Britta's shitty phone.

Noone seems to be growing anymore. They've spent most of the season acting out tropes from before, hitting catchphrases and such. The documentary ep was a rehash of the previous one, (It's even called "Documentary Film making: Redux"), Abed Batman was...Abed Batman, which as brilliant as it was the first time, the second time was just the same joke stretched out over half an episode. The glee club gag in "Paradigms of Human Memory" was funny as a cutaway. I found it damned near unbearable as an entire episode. I mean, the way they just came in at the end singing - seriously? That's Community? The characters have grown, sure. But would Jeff and Britta really come in blankly singing a Christmas hymn? It looked like everyone was stiff and wooden and just came in the room to hit they're marks. It was unnatural and felt incredibly forced. It would have been more in the tone of the group if Abed opened the door, Shirley started belting out a Christmas hymn and the rest just kinda grinned and came in with "Yay its Christmas!" half assed. The point of coming together because its Christmas was hackneyed and against the grain of the show. They should have come together because they like each other regardless of Christmas. This is what they've made a point of the last 2 years. That whole scene felt like a network note which they were forced to make at gun point.

And this whole weirdly meta thing about region-els (eh?) being code for "will we get canceled or not" was just...odd.

Blah. I love this show, I really do, but this yeah over all has just felt like a let down. Sure, we got Remedial Chaos Theory, which did everything a good episode should (progressed the story, the characters and the relationships while having a laugh a minute), "Were gonna finally be fine!", Air Conditioner repair school (Why is there an Astronaut in the corner making a paninis?) and authoritative Dean Pelton (I wish that lasted longer), but overall the ratio of good to bad seems off.

I wish I was sad at the prospect that this is the last ep, but considering how this series has progressed, I wouldn't be bothered that much by it being so. And that's probably what disappoints me the most.
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