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Re: Ongoing Community Discussion Thread

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Apparently Harmon was upset that he couldn't end the episode with "To Be Continued?" but I think it was fine as a closing episode if, as they cynics seem to think, this is it.

I still think NBC will stick to their promise to finish out the season, and that syndication will probably result in a fourth season being produced as well, unless NBC has a breakout comedy hit in the spring.
I think NBC will finish out the season, it might be much later in the spring, but, they will certainly show what they have filmed.
I believe this episode is the last one that has been filmed (so far), though, correct me if I'm wrong here. I'd be pleased if I knew more episodes had been finished, if only for the DVD (though I bet it will come back later in the spring, too).
I thought I read they had filmed more after this one, before the hiatus notification, but, I don't have a link. So, I could be wrong.

If anything, at the very least, I bet they would burn them off. BUT, I think it will be back. And I bet, there might be even a 4th season, which would be the last.
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