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Re: Can Data only receive order from Riker (& up) ?

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Troi was in command because she held the rank of Lieutenant Commander after the helmsman who "had the bridge" was killed.

O'Brien was enlisted and Ro was an ensign, somewhat of a disgraced one at that. The helmsman was in command until being killed, in lieu of there being no "second in command" (the other bridge officer was killed too) command went to Troi due simply to rank.
Yeah, that didn't make much sense. Realistically command would go to a Ro, a line ensign, before a medical officer. On the same principal that a senior line officer would not give the medical officer orders on patient treatment: Their expertise is in completely different areas.

But one's position on the ship mattered more than one's rank. At the end of "Thine Own Self" Troi snarks at Data that he can call her "Sir" now that she had her Commander pip. This is a bit inaccurate as Data was still the second officer so Troi in matters of ship operations was still Data's subordinate. (Data was Second Officer and Troi, technically, wasn't in the chain of command, she wasn't even really a bridge officer and was just often around for her empathic skills when they were needed.)
Yes but rank still matters in an etiquette sense. Even though she would not be Data's "boss" in the chain of command, she still held a higher rank and would be entitled to the courtesy of being addressed as "sir."

I saw Picard and Riker as more or less on equal footing. Picard was in charge, of course, but it was Riker's duty to agree with Picard's decision and carry them out.
No way, they are not on an equal footing and it doesn't matter if the F/O agrees with the captain or not. Things were usually smooth between Picard and Riker, but the F/O's relationship to the captain was put into clear perspective when Jellicoe came aboard. See also Data's experience on Sutherland.

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