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Re: Does It Get Better???

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Do you take Trek seriously because it contains a moral/ethical message or do you watch Trek because it's entertaining that just happens to have a moral/ethical message?
I enjoy Trek for both of these reasons, although the moral/ethical messages have had a strong impact on me. That's part of the reason I enjoyed TNG and DS9 so much. There were many episodes that either reinforced my principles or added to them. One of the dilemmas that has come up continually in Trek is the rights of the many vs. the rights of the few. This is a dilemma that has been around for ages, and it still continues to surface in today's world. Trek has presented me with new ways to look at this issue. While I don't have a solid stance on this issue yet (it's very situational), it is something that I ponder over quite often. There are numerous other moral dilemmas that come to mind when I think of Trek. While VOY has presented some of its own moral/ethical messages, for the most part the plots seem based more around scientific concepts than philosophical issues, which is contrary to TNG and DS9 to a little lesser extent. That's not necessarily a bad thing because it's still an enjoyable series. I just don't feel like I'm taking a lot away from each episode. There's a lot less to think about.
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