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Re: Does It Get Better???

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Hi folks.

I just recently began watching Voyager on Netflix. So far I am 13 episodes into the show (14 if you count Caretaker as 2 episodes), and while I am enjoying the show and I like the cast, there hasn't been a single episode that has really, really stood out from the rest. Episodes have ranged from below average (Emanations, Cathexis), to average (Caretaker, Heroes and Demons), to slightly above average (Parallax, Prime Factors, State of Flux). The best episode so far has been Eye of the Needle with the Romulan scientist. While it was a very good episode, it's still nowhere near as good as some of the first season episodes from TNG (Datalore, The Neutral Zone) and DS9 (Duet, In the Hands of the Prophets). So, without spoiling anything, can you folks tell me if Voyager is going to significantly improve? Don't get me wrong, I am enjoying this show quite a bit, but I just don't feel like the writers have taken too many risks. There haven't been any standout episodes so far, and that makes me a little worried. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with me, and remember: NO SPOILERS!
If you're watching the show in the hope the show takes risks, then you might not enjoy Voyage as much as TNG or DS9.
If if you can step back and just enjoy a Trek show for it's pure entertainment value, then you can enjoy Voyager.
I think it depends on how you view Trek in general.

Do you take Trek seriously because it contains a moral/ethical message or do you watch Trek because it's entertaining that just happens to have a moral/ethical message?

Me, I'm the latter, I love Voyager and found it gets better with the introduction of Seven of Nine.
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