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Re: American Horror Story Discussion (Spoilers)

JacksonArcher wrote: View Post
It looks like Vorta was right about Violet...
I'm pretty sure that notion was posed originally in this thread by someone else, because weirdly enough, I was surprised by that twist!

I was also surprised by Ben's amazing towel, resolutely clinging to him all during that fight. Much to my dismay.

The proportion of characters who are ghosts is now at a ridiculous level, and might be problematic for the series going forward, since so much of the action would have to take place in the house. I suspect the impending birth of the antichrist will be used as an excuse to start rewriting the rules.

Tom wrote: View Post
Well Ben needs her to get out of the house to school and such so I can't imagine him not eventually finding out Violet is dead.
Violet could convince her parents to have her home-schooled, as a way of trying to avoid the trauma of them ever finding out the truth. And she could fake being agoraphobic, which of course Ben would try to "cure."

I wonder what would happen if someone tried to pick her up and carry her off the property. Would she simply vanish?

Eggnog & Butterbeer wrote: View Post
Best line: "Those Koreans. They're so suspicious now, especially after Hiroshima." Then she accidentally dropped the kitchen knife she used to threaten Larry in front of the cops. God, I love that woman!
Just inscribe her name on that Emmy now!

Eggnog & Butterbeer wrote: View Post
Then explain to me how those "home invaders" that Tate killed managed to appear before Vivien and Violet inside Vivien's car as they tried to get away from the house one night. That certainly didn't happen on Halloween.
If they're following the rules, then the car must have been parked in the driveway on the house property. Can't recall exactly how that sequence went.

And wasn't Violet also a ghost by that point?
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