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Re: Some science fiction "firsts"

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^Except a recent study suggests it may not be feasible to expand human intelligence beyond its current level:
"These kinds of studies suggest there is an upper limit to how much people can or should improve their mental functions like attention, memory or intelligence.... There are always trade-offs. In other words, there is a 'sweet spot' in terms of enhancing our mental abilities — if you go beyond that spot — just like in the fairy-tales — you have to pay the price."

Which is why it will be a facsimile AI or foglets/programmable matter...or in the shorter term, you'll see stuff like "jacking in" from cyberpunk or Matrix...think of AI as "buffers" to the storage of the brain...there are theoretical limits to the computer ability to process info beyond that, but they are immensely high. Computational Limits

xortex wrote: View Post
Well it's the Human component link that is the really scary part. It's not what machines can do for us, but what we can make machines capable of - like things like telepathy and creativity and makes it limitless as far as wel can see unless there is a collective mind like the Borg.
Well I don't see any evidence of telepathy now, so I don't think we'll see AI doing it...unless its a remote way to read future virtual human brains.

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