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Re: Finally have time to start watching nuWho!

Watched "School Reunion" yesterday, and as an old Tom Baker stalwart it was great to see Sarah Jane and K9 again of course. The dynamic between her and Rose was very amusing, and "Oh my god. I'm the the tin dog." was reason enough to have Micky in the show all by itself.

All of the talk about regeneration and the Doctor leaving the last few eps made nme think of TB's first appearance, when he rushed for the TARDIS and was about the leave when Sarah Jane stopped him at the door IIRC.

And I forgot to mention in the last post that I was really impressed with Victoria banishing the Doctor instead of just wrapping it up neatly like your typical sf meet-the-famous-people-in-the-past trope that both DW and Trek frequently do. Much more likely a reaction from that particular monarch, if I'm allowed to characterize Vicky from this side of the pond....
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