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Re: Some science fiction "firsts"

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Sometimes Science fiction begats or spurs forward whole philosophies and new fields of study, working almost hand-in-hand with scientists/technologists/futurists. In terms of the Singularity--possibly one of the future defining moments of mankind--defined as a point in time where computers or AI outstrip the natural evolution of human intelligence to the degree that predicting the thought process and technological leaps afterward are impossible to those preceeding it unaided.
I don't want to be a wet blanket but why would any company fund a machine that tries to outstrip the human brain? I mean sure you can have processors that can calculate almost anything faster than a human brain can but human intelligence is not a set of calculations. Human creativity is not a set of calculations. Even if you did have an evil millionaire who wanted to create a program to find them all and in the darkness bind them, it would fail because people without any programming skill whatsoever breed geniuses all the time.
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