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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Deep Space Nine

Admiral Shran wrote: View Post
Something I pointed out in Shatnertage's review which I'll also point out here - at the end Mora says "My God, what have I done." He should have said "By the Prophets, what have I done."

Yeah, it's nipicky, but it really irks me.
Nerys Ghemor wrote: View Post
Whoops...much as I believe in giving God His due, bad writing is bad writing!
Hanukkah Solo wrote: View Post
I recall Kira saying "my god" at least once, too. I just can't remember which episode it was, now.
Quark also says "good lord" at one point, if I remember correctly (though I suppose "Blessed Exchequer!" would have all but the most attentive fans scratching their head). It's worse with Bajorans, though, given that their religious traditions are so often at the forefront. I guess it just shows how often and casually we use such expressions, that they slip past the writers without thought.

For what it's worth, Babylon Five was quite good at this; lots of "By G'Quan!" or "Great Maker!" or "In Valen's Name!" Although if you watch the pilot episode after the rest of the series it's jarring when Londo Mollari says "my god!" in that one. Annoying, too, in that it's part of a memorable speech and it sticks out sorely. The trend also led me to some rather attentive double-checking. Whenever Londo exclaimed "gods!" I'd listen extra closely to make sure it was the plural. Slightly off topic, the same with "hearts", for that matter. Little continuity details matter.
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