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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Deep Space Nine

Armageddon Game (*)

Every time I heard the word "harvester" in this episode I sang that song in my head. I think it was a reaction to the melodrama attached to the harvester weapons and how super, super dangerous they supposedly are. Nothing defuses drama quite as well as the Wurzels.

Two races, the T'Lani and the Kelleruns, need help from Starfleet to neutralise their arsenal of deadly combine harvesters. Now, I'm no fancy space-doctor, but I think I have a solution that may be less time-consuming: FIRE THEM INTO THE SUN!! Problem solved, and there's no need to murder anybody, especially not officers from the greatest superpower in known space, an empire that would at least impose sanctions on your worlds for such a heinous act. If you're worried that the combine harvesters would somehow survive being propelled into a super-hot ball of nuclear fusion, then fire them into a black hole out in the arse end of nowhere. I guarantee you that they will not be coming back. (Although I cannot guarantee that they wont travel back in time somehow and wipe out the population of Vulcan, or something stupid like that.)

With a title like Armageddon Game, you expect exciting things like terrorists attempting to blow up stars, not two men in a room doing soldering on an old computer while one of them slowly dies. The only action in this episode is a shootout that's undermined by the stupid reasoning behind it and a runabout chase sequence that suffers from the fact that it's in this episode. I suppose the title Two Men Talk For a Bit probably wasn't deemed exciting enough, but the result is the most disappointing Armageddon-titled story since that Bruce Willis movie. Which is odd considering that movie came out after this episode.

Anyway, I wouldn't have been put off with the title Two Men Talk For a Bit because I like those kinds of story, and I especially like watching O'Brien and Bashir interacting because they have great chemistry together that develops into one of TV's great bromances. I guess this episode is the starting point of that friendship as O'Brien stops viewing Bashir as that annoyingly cocky guy and starts treating him like an actual person whose personal life he's somewhat interested in. The episode earns points for that and only that, every other element of the story should have been chucked into a black hole to protect us defenceless viewers.

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