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Re: Does It Get Better???

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I don't get where you're coming from with this at all. Voyager had tons of plausibility and premise related problems, the piece of crap "The 37s" can't explain them all away...was just plain DUMB and not in a fun way like "Genesis"...
All Trek, including Star Trek itself, has had plausibility problems. Except for the handful of hard SF fans, whenever someone talks about plausibility they usually mean something else. Coupling plausibility and premise related problems suggests very strongly the popular drivel about not living up to the premise. Moore of course comes in because his is the main authority for this propagation of this disingenuous nonsense.

The 37s, whether you liked the episode or not, changed the premise of the show. Whether you can't see this simple point or merely refuse to accept it because you have some wacky agenda is irrelevant. The nonsense about the truck or the astronomical coincidence in running into this world or the inherent absurdity in carrying humans 70 000 lyrs are also irrelevant to the dramatic question posed. Which was whether to go on willingly or stay. If you think that people are too cowardly or diverse or whatever for the episode's resolution to be acceptable to your gut instinct about people, fine. But not to even see the question?
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