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Re: What games are you playing currently?

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Would be playing Batman Arkham City but when I opened it found it lacked the Catwoman DLC code, so I'm holding off until I return to the store and get that sorted.
Did you pre-order the game? I thought the Catwoman content was only free for pre-orders.
It says on my case that Catwoman DLC comes with my copy. Never looked into pre-ordering this game so I don't know what the deals were here.

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^ I don't know where Seventh White Boomer is from, but in Europe all copies ship with the Catwoman DLC code.
I'm in Australia. Had a look online and it seems that it was quite an issue when the game was released with games not having any codes in their cases. Found out the publishers would give you a code if you contacted them with proof of purchase, since I did that with another game that I bought new and the code was already in use I went that way instead of going back to the store and now it's sorted and I have my DLC.
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