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Re: Talk of Bryan Singer's BSG project resurfaces

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Wouldn't any human survivors left in the colonies eventually die of radiation exposure?
Many would die, sure, but not all. Radiation wouldn't easily cover an entire planet, it would be concentrated in certain areas and fallout would be carried around by prevailing winds. But there would definitely be areas exposed to very little or no radiation. The number of nukes required to totally saturate a planet with radiation is too excessive to be practical, even for Cylons.

Besides, the Cylons moved in after, so clearly they didn't want to make the planets totally uninhabitable.
Late to the conversation...but...

Not all of the nuColonies were all that super deluxe to begin with. Aquaria was a frozen planet version of Minnestoa filled with libertarian goo-goo clusters, Gemenon was filled religious zealots and Libran was filled with lawyers. I'm guessing neither was on anyone's "must see" list while on vacation.

With that said, if you had some folks from a underwater research colony on Aquaria that popped their heads up a month later to see the one spot of dry land nuked clean, the overall level of radiation probably would be less, since there was less surface area to bombard.

As far as EJOs comment that BSG and Blade Runner should be linked in some way...sure, OK, I'm down with that. BUT, that would also mean that BSG would be linked by association with Soldier, and this would lead to confusion as to what part Kurt Russell would play in the new film...

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