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Re: Does It Get Better???

In retrospective, I think I have been a little harsh on certain episodes, and overall my expectations have been too high. Here is my updated list of ratings for every episode I have seen so far.

Season One
The Caretaker P1/P2 5
Parallax 6
Time and Again 5
Phage 5
The Cloud 4
Eye of the Needle 7
Ex Post Facto 4
Emanations 4
Prime Factors 7
State of Flux 7
Heroes and Demons 5
Cathexis 4
Faces 7
Jetrel 6
Learning Curve 6

Season Two
The 37ís 5
Initiations 4

Not much of a difference, but still worthwhile. I'm not doing this to appease Voyager fans that disagree with my ratings, I just feel that I've been approaching this show the wrong way. It's not going to be another TNG, nor is it going to be anything like DS9. I think that if I can come to terms with that, then I'll enjoy this show a lot more in the long run. Not that I'm not enjoying it, because I really am. But I do think that I will enjoy Voyager even more if I can go into each episode without such high expectations.
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