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Re: Does It Get Better???

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I don't get where you're coming from with this at all.
Ron Moore once cut off stj in traffic and he took it as a personal slight that needs to be avenged. (That's my theory at any rate.) As a result, stj brings up Ron Moore obsessively in order to bash the man and his fans, even in threads where nobody is talking about Ron Moore (such as in this thread). It's really quite comical.

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And more importantly than that, it just wasn't an important episode with severe consequences. With the exception of a new alien species being introduced, this episode didn't have a large impact on the characters or the series as a whole.
This is an issue with the show as a whole. In fact, most of the episodes that seem to have a big impact on the characters don't really. It's something you have to accept in order to enjoy the show's good episodes.
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