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Re: American Horror Story Discussion (Spoilers)

It looks like Vorta was right about Violet...

In my opinion, this show keeps on getting better and better (and more interesting). Almost every other episode there's a new development, and for the most part it doesn't seem convoluted. I think this most recent development adds another layer of complexity to the show. How are Ben and Vivian going to leave the house when they discover what happened to Violet? I have a sneaking theory that they're both going to die in that house (and that's going to just add to the long-standing occurrence of people always dying in that house).

Another theory is that at some point both Ben and Vivian die, and the show continues with a new cast of characters. The original cast can simply re-appear from time-to-time. It would give the show a creatively interesting sense of longevity. On the other hand, if the show ends prematurely, perhaps the finale could deal with Ben and Vivian coming to terms with Violet's death and having to leave with that emotional epiphany.

However, I am of the opinion that both Ben and Vivian aren't going to make it out of that house alive. Perhaps one of them might live. For some reason I can see Vivian being the only surviving member of the family but then living out the remainder of her days completely emotionally distraught over the deaths of her family (including these newborns... whatever happens of them).
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