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Re: Your latest purchases, cont.

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I thought it was about time to buy a tumble drier, since the winters here are so cold and so humid. It's always a pain to wait for the laundry to dry, and I want to avoid the chance of letting humidity build in the walls. It is quite an old house after all.

I chose a condenser one, since I do not have access to a window from the place where it will be installed, and I went for a Zanussi after reading some very good reviews on the internet. I hope it'll bring on a change for the better.
I'm sure it will. Just be aware that when clothes first come out of a condenser drier, they'll still be a fraction damp to the touch and need airing for a few minutes or so to dry out fully, esp. if you set the drier setting to anything short of "super-fluffy" or whatever the extreme dry setting is called on your machine. It's just how the technology works.

Bought all my Christmas presents for colleagues yesterday so I can hand them out as and when I see them over the next couple of weeks.
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