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Re: Who would you want to play the captain in Trek series 6

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So let's think of TV actors who could handle the role but not based on their performance in any space opera series...

Timothy Olyphant
Katie Sagal*
Bryan Cranston
Michael J. Hall
Jennifer Morrison**
Lance Reddick
Andrew Lincoln
Brian Austin Green
Esai Morales***

I could see Michael Emerson, Josh Holloway and Naveen Andrews in Star Trek, just not as the captain.

And if anyone been watching Pan Am (cue crickets), the entire crew could be transported to a Star Trek series, especially Christina Ricci and the guy who plays Ted. (Not seeing any of them as the captain, tho).

*Futurama doesn't count - I'm thinking of her SoA persona - Janeway would run and cry and hide under the bed.

**Yes, Kirk's mommy is captain material, based on her performance in Once Upon a Time. Maybe more natural as the space-pirate captain sort, tho.

***Mostly based on his role in Jericho. I dunno if you can legitimately call Caprica "space opera" anyway.
They pretty much all work for me. And even though I saw Morales in Caprica, I first thought of his role in NYPD Blue - he convinced as an authority figure there and could cut it as a Starfleet officer. He turns up in the Treklit forum quite a lot, on a various people's casting wishlist for the Latino captain in the Vanguard series.

Incidentally, Lance Reddick is a big ST fan and got into acting because of Trek. He said that he only mentioned this to his Fringe producers after they'd begun casting for ST '09 and was gutted when they said 'Oh, if we'd known that, we had a role that would've suited you, but it's already cast now!' (I'm guessing Robau).

I like the Star Trek: USS Pan Am suggestion, by the way!

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Captaindemotion wrote: View Post
^ See, to me, they're all such predictable options. A lead from Babylon 5, a lead from Farscape (and Stargate), a lead from Crusade and a lead from Firefly. By and large, they've all done the sci-fi captain thing before. I'd rather be surprised, like how I was with Patrick Stewart or Avery Brooks or Nathan Fillion, with that matter.
So long as it's not an unpleasant surprise like Capt "No Personality" Archer (I always wanted Michael Ironsides to come in as the Marine Commander to counter balance Archer's boring-ness)
I agree about the Scott Bakula point. But again, that was TPTB looking at other sci-fi shows - they figured that casting an actor with a proven background in genre or sci-fi tv had worked for Stargate and, to a lesser extent, Andromeda (say what you want about it but it ran for longer than ENT or Firefly). So they got Bakula as a safe sci-fi choice, instead of going for the offbeat choice like they did with Stewart and Brooks.
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