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Re: Does It Get Better???

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The 37s was what's called a soft reboot. It was an episode designed to fundamentally change the premise of the show. In this case, after this episode everyone on board was there willingly. If you didn't throw something at the tv screen when Janeway sees an empty room because no one chose to stay, then the show succeeded triumphantly in its job. People like Ron Moore who rant about the premise are either too stupid to notice or just lying about what they really dislike.
I don't get where you're coming from with this at all. Voyager had tons of plausibility and premise related problems, the piece of crap "The 37s" can't explain them all away.

Anyway, I'd give "Phage" a 9. What did you feel wasn't so great about it? I can't think of anything in the episode I didn't like to be honest!

And I hate "The 37s" and "Inititations". The former was just plain DUMB and not in a fun way like "Genesis". And Initiations was just boring to me.
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